One night at a strip club, Johnny disrespects a dancer which sets a series of life changing events in motion. Johnny and his friends Cameron and Kyle must find a way to stop the dangerous collision course they are on before it’s too late.


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Film was cast and filmed in Los Angeles with 55 actors and 24 crew on the shoot.

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Spellbound was filmed all over Los Angeles. The production rented out a working diner in Long Beach, a soundstage in Downtown Los Angeles, a house in Los Angeles, and a Chapel in Altadena. There were also extensive exterior shots throughout the city.

The concept for the story started in 2019 with Pre Production starting in 2021.

Editor Peter Fandetti, A.C.E. is one of Steven Speilberg’s editors. Getting his expertise on the project proved invaluable.

Composer Shem von Schroeck is the former bassist of the band TOTO. Producer D.L. Corrigan so enjoyed working with him that they are collaborating again on D.L.’s upcoming TV Series, DELUSIONAL.

The soundtrack features music from Brooke Ramel and Shake God. Producer D.L. Corrigan has been a huge fan of Brooke’s for a very long time and was ecstatic when she agreed to have one of her songs featured in the movie.

Scott Stewart (Cameron) is one of the founding members of The Kids In The Hall

D.L. Corrigan loved the characters of SPELLBOUND so much that he is in the process of creating a TV Series around the characters that will not only serve as a prequel to SPELLBOUND but will also include many of the fun characters of the SPELLBOUND universe. As of October 2023, pilot script is locked in.